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Why Uroplast?

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Aug 30, 2009
This is the latest news got from Uroplast.
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July 18, 2009
Uroplast launched its new Corporate Website.
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    The Revolution has been broken out in the building Industry with Uroplast Wall Putty

     UROPLAST has a unique water resisting properties which prevents damage of your expensive paints.

    Special chemical composition for better strength, adhesion, water retention ,workability & Crack resistant.

    A cement based product, allows better compatibility with plastered wall, becomes an integral part of plaster.


    UROPLAST has a unique water resisting properties which prevents damage of your expensive paints. New Polymer Chemical Based Putty for beautiful walls.

    A cement based product, allows better compatibility with plastered wall.

    New Generation Polymers Selected Chemical Based Putty for the really beautiful walls.


Benefits of Uroplast Wall Putty :

•  Water resistant.

•  Flexible, Durable and smooth finish. 

•  Preventing fungus. 

•  Does not require water for curing. 

•  Contains fungicides.

•  Attractive bright white color.

•  Ultra Violet resistant.

•  Easy application ready for use.

Our Strength & Vision :

We have a well integrated team that is divided into various groups. These groups are given different responsibilities as per their specialization. The research & development unit, quality controllers and other allied workers have profound experience and in-depth knowledge of their respective jobs.

In a very short span of 2 years, we have achieved loads of success in the manufacturing and supplying of Wall Putty & floor tile adhesive, We are associated with a huge network of customers that is spread in every nook of South India . All our products are widely demanded by the leading industries engaged in the business of constructions, real estates, decorative paints etc. The reason behind it is the unmatched quality and unquestionable performance that is exhibited by our products.

The materials are manufactured using the most technically advanced technology that adds the quality of higher durability and resistivity to these materials. Our products are available in packets of different volume, which makes it easy to place orders as per the requisites.

Last but not the least, the materials that we offer are of genuine quality and further provide maximum satisfaction to our clients. We endeavor to develop as well as maintain a long lasting relationship with our esteemed clients.

Uroplast Wall Putty :- Being smooth and durable, reduces the paint consumption by 22 to 25 percent as compared to other products available in the market.

By protecting your expensive paint and retaining its beauty for long it reduces the repainting frequency, thus delivering a better life time value as compared to other products.

Products Data :
    Mixing Ratio : litres of water per 40 Kg bag.
    Pot life           : 3-4 Hours
    Coverage     : 700 – 800 sq.ft per coat / 40 kg. depending
                             on the coat thickness.
    Shelf Life      : 6 months in dry place.
    Toxicity         : chemically inert & non-toxic.

 Preparation of Uroplast Wall Putty Paste :

    Uroplast wall putty is a fine powder. Mix slowly Uroplast Wall Putty with approximately 40% water by volume to prepare paste of desired consistency. Mix vigorously for 5-10 minutes for making lump free, uniform and smooth paste putty. Product should be mixed in required quantities to be used within 2-3 hrs of its preparation.

    Application :

    Apply uniformly the first coat of uroplast wall putty with blade/trowel on the wall from bottom to top. Apply second coat after the first coat has dried completely. Limit the total thickness of 2 coats to 1.5 mm. Allow complete drying and then use fine emery paper to remove the application mark if any. Any kind of paint can be applied on this surface.

    Comparison between UROPLAST Wall Putty & Traditional putty
Uroplast Wall putty
Traditional Putty
Uroplast Wall Putty is white cement
based putty. Hence it possesses good
binding property.
Due o low cost
material, it has very
less binding property.
Durability Due to its cement base, Uroplast wall
putty becomes an integral part of
plaster and hence more durable.
Less durable.
Uroplast wall putty covers more surface
area exceeding 10 - 12 sq. ft. /kg.
In 2 coats on a new plastered wall.
Covers less surface
Uroplast Wall Putty resists dampness. Does not rests
Flaking No Flaking. Flaking occurs when
it comes in contact
with water.
of paint
Uroplast Wall Putty requires less paint
due to low absorption.
Requires more paint
due to high
Appearance Better appearance due to very high
whiteness of putty 93% whiteness.
Appearance is
Pigmentation Less pigment consumption
yet bright colours.
High pigmentation.
Consumption yet
dull colours.

Packaging :

Uroplast Wall Putty is available for the convenience in 1 Kg/ 5 Kg / 20 Kg & 40 Kg polybags. All our packages have Uroplast wall putty logo, a mark of genuiness.
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